How To Make Your Own Party Favor Bags

How To Make Your Own Party Favor Bags

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 24, 2010

For as long as we can remember we've had a stash of glycine and paper bags. For any event or occasion when a treat or take-home bag is called for, we simply open our drawer and stamp up our own special bags. Forget paying $5 for $10, we only spend a mere $5 on hundreds! Stamping is simple and easy and a great afternoon craft!

What You Need

Glycine Bags
Craft Paint
Small Cookie/Ring Cutters
Paring Knife/Melon Baller
Paper Towels


1. Gather Materials: We use small ring cutters and cookie cutters for this project, they're easy to use and smaller than the cut part of the potato. They aren't needed and you may carve any shape you wish, but to make this project fast and easy... we turn to them for help.

2. Cut Potato: Start by cutting the end off the potato and then press your cutter into it's flesh, roughly half an inch in. Leave the cutter in the potato and using a knife, cut away the bits on the outside of the cutter. That way you don't cut into your design as your knife has something to hit to signal you've cut deep enough. To hollow out the middle of circles, a melon baller works great!

3. Dip In Paint: Dry off your cut potato with a paper towel and dab it into a bit of craft paint. If needed, blot on a paper towel.

4. Get Stampin'!: Stamp your shapes onto your bags, you'll want to hold the bag down against the table with one hand and stamp with the other. Glycine bags stick to the stamp, so you'll want to keep them securely on the table. Paper bags don't stick as bad and are a little easier to work with. Tie it off with a bow and you're good to go!

Additional Notes
If you have other craft stamps around your house, you may by all means put them to use in this project. We love stamps, but have a real adversity to paying $10+ sometimes for a design we might not get enough mileage out of... so we opt to make our own!

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(Images: Sarah Rae Trover)

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