How To: Makeover Bar Stools

How To: Makeover Bar Stools

Amber Byfield
Apr 21, 2009

04_21_09_stools16.jpgSince college, we've had the same birch-legged, canvas-topped bar stools from Target sitting at the bar. They had lost almost all their luster, and were in need of a makeover big-time; but it's not a project we wanted to pour a lot of money into, and since the stools aren't damaged it seemed wasteful to replace them.

Enter the $2 makeover. We've already seen how burlap coffee sacks can make a statement in the home, and if you visit your local coffee roaster they're sure to have bags for sale--cheap (our local roaster sells them for $1 each). Of course, you can do this with any fabric, but we love the look and the reuse of the coffee sacks, especially because this is where we sit to enjoy our morning cup of joe. Jump below for a step-by-step how-to for these coffee bag-covered bar stools.

What you'll need:

• Furniture with a removable base and covered top (bar stools, chairs, bench, etc.)

• One burlap coffee sack with a design of your liking

• Staple gun with staples

• Heavy-duty scissors

• Screwdriver

First, you'll need to remove the bar stool tops from their base. Normally they're just screwed in, so grab the Phillips head and get to work. 04_21_09_stools13.jpg

Next, you need to find the perfect place on your burlap bag to place your seat. Please don't make the same mistake we did: pay attention to where the screw holes are so that both your seats will have patterns that face the same way.04_21_09_stools18.jpg

Then, cut a square approximately 3 to 4 inches larger than your seat. This ensures that you'll have plenty of fabric to overlap. Save the scraps of leftover burlap to cover a cork board, or sew into small storage bags.

Lay your fabric face-down on a table, and place your seat face-down on top of that, centered. By folding each side up and carefully stapling once in the middle (think one staple at N, S, E, and W), you'll secure the burlap. Then you can go around and fold in the corners to staple (be sure to accommodate for the stool's design and tuck the fabric tighter where necessary). 04_21_09_stools19.jpg

Once you're happy with the stapling, check for any loose burlap ends, and trim them clean. Once your seat is turned over, unraveling shouldn't be a problem. 04_21_09_stools20.jpg

Next, just screw the seats back onto their bases. You can push the screw right through the burlap; we found this to be the easiest way. Flip your stools over and admire their makeover! 04_21_09_stools21.jpg

We haven't decided yet whether we'll paint the bases with a low-VOC spray paint, but for now, we are really enjoying this $2 makeover. What do you think?

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