How To: Master iTunes 9 for the Audio Librarian

How To: Master iTunes 9 for the Audio Librarian

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 11, 2009

Even though we have our nitpicks about Apple's well.. Apple TV and Time Machine (we prefer if they combine them and turn it into a media server, you see), there are still some goodies with the latest Apple flurry of updates. Aside from their "iPod revamp," we actually do dig their updated version of iTunes quite a bit. Why? Well, for collectors, the ability to finally dictate an automatically loading watch folder and purchase special LP versions of albums (with extra footage and images), makes iTunes 9 worthy of a second look.

As Lifehacker has pointed out, the biggest improvement was the inclusion of the ability to automatically add songs to iTunes when placed in a particular folder.

Just find the folder named Automatically Add to iTunes in your iTunes Music folder (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Automatically Add to iTunes/ in OS X; C:\Users\Your Username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Automatically Add to iTunes\ in Windows). Any music that finds its way into that folder will automatically be imported into iTunes.

Okay, you're still dragging and dropping, but at least your MP3 will instantly disappear and reappear in your iTunes directory like magic. However, if you're one of those who prefer to have your own organizational structure for music (like us), we'll have to wait and see if Apple can implement an even better solution that works for all of us - not just those of us who have our music automatically tidied up by iTunes.

We've spoke about iTunes 9's Home Sharing feature before, but it does seem like half-thought out feature so we won't touch on it too much. Basically, if you're looking to synchronize your entire collection over multiple computers, this will become an invaluable tool for you.

Lastly, with the new iTunes LP format intends to take digital music to the next level, with full videos, liner notes, credits, and other goodies. We're excited to see how Apple incorporates these new multimedia features into the listening experience via iTunes, especially seeing as how cool iPhoto can make our crappy trip across the United States seem like the most spectacular experience ever.

[Via Lifehacker]

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