How To Match Your Favorite Color

How To Match Your Favorite Color

Maxwell Ryan
May 13, 2004

When a strong color is what you want first thing in the morning. Orange seems to be the color of the season around here, and this pic is of a friend's bathroom which he just repainted with a color that is exactly the same as his favorite champagne bottle. My friend is also a really good example of finding a color you love, tracking it down and bringing it into your home.

Wanting a bright but sophisticated color that would cheer up his bathroom, my friend was reminded of the beautiful Veuve Clicquot orange label. This was cheerful and luxuriously deep in tone. Unsure if he could find such a rich color in latex wall paint, he bought a bottle of champagne and took it to the paint store, where he meticulously placed it next to paint chip samples until he had a perfect match. For your information, Veuve Clicquot matches Benjamin Moore 2018-20 Mandarin Orange. He then carefully painted the relatively small wall space in his bathroom, where he didn't need to be worried about the strength of the color because a. there was a lot of white tile and b. with no windows in the bathroom, a strong sun-toned color was a help to the space.

If this hadn't worked, he could have always tried going down the color scale on this particular line of colors 2018-30, 2018-40, 2018-50, etc... until a shade fit the room. They all would contain the same base color, and differ only in their shade.

If you have a color you really love, it is often worth trying it as a wall or surface color, but don't do it from memory! Actually putting your color next to a paint chip is the only way to reliably find your color. If you have one object with many colors in it (rug, painting, chair fabric, or colors from the natural world like an egg, shell, or flower), you can match the color palette of the object and use all of the colors in a room. And if you get really adventurous, you can even make your bag to match your walls to match your favorite champagne bottle...... MGR

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