How To: Mix It Up

atla-081308-mix02.jpgYesterday, we asked if you mix up styles in your home. We were excited to discover that a bunch of you do mix it up (and seriously, we’d love to see some pictures!). But, if you’re newer to the decorating game and not sure where to start, we have a few tips to help you mix it up successfully in your home…

  • Start with the backdrop: white or simple walls are a good start if your home has good bones. Otherwise, set the stage with wallpaper or paint.
  • Begin with one piece: often this is the biggest piece. A couch in the living room, a bed in the bedroom, the table in the dining room.
  • Balance out the big piece with another piece (or two) of furniture that plays off the characteristics of the first piece: In this picture, a heavy and masculine black leather chesterfield is balanced out by the curvaceous femininity of the more modern white sofa that faces it. Keep one thing similar. In this case, both sofas have similar curves.
  • Add something to tie the pieces together: A fluffy white rug softens the black leather sofa but, because it’s white, and the same color as the smaller sofa, it makes that sofa appear bigger.
  • Add a third note with accessories: Colour in the paintings, the pillows and the ottoman keep your eye dancing around and not resting too long on any one element. Notice how the stitching in the ottoman reflects the stitching in the black sofa but because it’s pink and round, it feels feminine.

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[Image: Living, etc.]