How To: Mock Tufting

published Sep 9, 2008
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Here’s another lesson from Shelly, Mod Home Ec Teacher and queen of DIY – this time it’s a tutorial on doing mock tufting of sofa cushions. Like most projects, it started with a problem to be solved: Every time anyone would get up from the loveseat, the back cushions were smashed down, seams all askew. My compulsive self had to walk over, re-fluff, straighten and then I could move on.

My first thought was to make some covered buttons and pull those through the cushions to give a modern, symmetric button tufting look. That is definitely an option. After perusing the Mitchell Gold catalogue, I opted for mock tufting made by using upholstery twine to make mock tufts with symmetrical stitches. It’s so easy!!!

And as always, Shelly does make it seem totally do-able. The list of necessary tools and materials is short, the skill level is within reach and the end results look great.

In literally 8 steps, you can go from slouchy cushions to a very current look.

1. Gather materials.
2. Fluff & distribute cushions.
3. Measure & mark tuft placement.
4. Thread long needle with upholstery twine.
5. Insert and pull twine through to back of cushion.
6. Take a small diagonal stitch. (must be diagonal to distribute the pull on fabric weave)
7. Pull twine snug to desired tuft depth and tie a knot.
8. Snip off excess twine.

Check out the full step-by-step tutorial here.

Thanks, Shelly!