How To Mount a Turntable to the Wall Part 2

How To Mount a Turntable to the Wall Part 2

Mar 5, 2010

Welcome back to the turntable rack tutorial. This week I mount the rack to the wall and finish it on up. A few surprises popped up since last week, so I had to make a couple changes in design.

After trial fitting the box into the space I had originally planned for it, I determined that projecting it out from the wall would be ridiculous in terms of overall footprint. It might look cool, but it was going to block the walkway into my desk area… oh well, no biggie.

What You Need

Wood filler
Wood glue
Drywall screws

Drill and bits


1.Because of the change of plans, I needed to drill some holes to allow wires through. Easy enough- I just put the turntable on top of the box and found where the wires stick out. I marked that and drilled two holes, side by side so that the two RCA plugs could fit through together. I also routed the power cord through the same hole so there would be as few holes as possible.

2.On the bottom I drilled out four holes and then cut out the inside with a jigsaw (see image). This allows 3 pronged plugs and all kinds of sneaky stuff to get through. This hole will not be seen since it will be behind the tube amp.

3.Because the holes in the wall are directly behind the sidewalls of the rack, I needed to drill at an angle to get the screws through (see image). This is fine and one of the tricky things you have to deal with when you are using pre-existing holes in the wall.

4.I then spent quite a bit of time sanding the whole thing so that the panels would be flush to each other- this made a big difference in the finish of the project. I love the look of it on the wall now and since it is so close to my desk and computer, I can really dig into my record collection and start ripping. Yay!

Give it a try- this is not that hard and easy to modify to your living conditions.

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(Images: Peter Treadway)

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