How To Mount a Turntable to the Wall

How To Mount a Turntable to the Wall

Feb 26, 2010

This is kind of a simple project, the results of which will reflect the amount of time you put into it.

I have a few crappy turntables but the crown jewel in my collection is my Pro-Ject Debut 111. It is an entry level spinnah, but its sound rivals that of CDs for clarity and its looks are super awesome. I spend most of my time at the office these days so I decided to set it up here to maximize usage of it.

I have this great wall on one side of the office that is made entirely of 12' thick concrete. This building used to be a factory and the developers left the wall raw to keep the old feeling. This basically means that no matter what you do to it, it will look cool. There are screw holes, bits of debris that found their way into the concrete forms, paint splashes and drips, blood stains (those are new) and large anchor points where stairs and whose knows what were affixed.

Recently we had a little construction done to the place and we have tons of leftover wood. The plywood that was left behind is super dense and basically voidless so was just the right kind of material to accent my turntable and tube amp.

The raw look of plywood is something that can either make or break a room so care has to be taken in planning your design. I came to the conclusion that a "cube" would look nice and if it were slightly projected from the wall in a way that looked like it was floating, this would be all win. Two huge (pre-existing) anchor points would be used to hold it to the wall next to my desk.

By projecting it away from the wall, two things were accomplished:
1. It looks like it's floating, dude.
2. Wires can be routed behind the box so that they are hidden, dude.


1. The first thing I did was measure the turntable so that the outer form of the shelf would be slightly wider. Then I made sure the depth allowed the top to be lifted and tilted back- you don't want the shelf to be exactly the same depth because then you can't open your record player's lid! Both my tube amp and my tube pre are going to be in the lower shelf so I needed to make sure they would fit and be accessible.

2. Then I measured out all the wood so that it looked like a cubish kind of thing… not an actual cube because of space concerns and the fact that it will be separated from the wall. I cut the pieces carefully since I was using a jigsaw and screwed this up a few times... measure ten times, cut once, I always say.

3. I then screwed it all together and tested everything for fit.

4. Then I stuffed the anchor holes with wood to create a nice place for the bolts to mount. I will later drill some pilot holes down the center.

Next time I will show how this was finished, mounted and wired. Stay tuned!

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(Images: Peter Treadway)

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