How To Move a Large, Fragile Lamp Shade

How To Move a Large, Fragile Lamp Shade

Regina Yunghans
Feb 8, 2010

On a recent long-distance move, I was perplexed when it came to moving a large (30-inch or so) drum shade from A to point B. It would have taken a gargantuan box to enclose and protect it. But one other solution worked like a charm:

I suspended the shade overhead.

Tying a line from side to side near the top of the cargo area provides a place to suspend fragile items, thus preventing them being smooshed or knocked around during the move. That upper-most space in moving trucks is often unused and this is a way to put it to use. To keep the shade clean, I wrapped it in a large 55-gallon trash bag before hanging it. On arriving at the destination, I opened the bag and found the shade in perfect condition. It was perfectly safe hanging from above, dangling and swinging its way across the miles!

Image: Uhaul (Note: I did not move by Uhaul as shown in the photo, but with a "ReloCube" from ABF U-Pack Moving. However, most all moving trucks and shipping containers have some sort of tie-back where you could establish a similar hanging line for moving lampshades and such.)

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