How To: Move With Kids

How To: Move With Kids

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 11, 2006

(Last one from Alice!)

Moving is a pain. Especially moving with kid(s).. from the planning and packing to traveling and unpacking. Who wants to hear all the screaming or wants to keep stopping them from running around unpacking boxes a second after you sealed them.

Believe it or not though, kids love to help. They love the feeling of being present and important (for better or worse), and believe me,
assigning them some responsibilities can actually help both you and
your kids during the moving process.

One project that I know will work is to have them draw or paint their
moving boxes. This helps for many reasons:

- They'll be busy being artistic. It'll help you to concentrate on
your own tasks.
- They'll be very proud of their cute boxes sticking out from the rest of the super boring Uhaul cubes.
- It'll be easy for you to distinguish your kids' boxes from the other boxes.
- The fun boxes can be reused for your kiddie storage system.

So here are the steps:

- Pick a coloring medium that is carton friendly (avoid using paints
as they tend to warp the boxes and take some time to dry), easy to be
washed (in case of spills or marks on the wall) and age appropriate
(e.g. crayon or colored pencils for toddlers, marker or fast-drying
paint for older kids).
- Set up a work corner with the least traffic: arrange a tarp, plastic mat, materials, and anything else to make them feel comfortable.
- Be creative: set a theme, fun rules (three animals and a boy per
box, one color per side, or anything fun like that).
- Let them help pack some of their stuff inside their boxes and let
them help seal the boxes.
- Always acknowledge that they are doing a great job!

And then, have fun moving!

- Alice P.

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