How to Navigate Craigslist Better With Craiggers

How to Navigate Craigslist Better With Craiggers

Julienne Lin
May 6, 2011

Craigslist, although not the most beautifully designed interface, still does the trick when it comes to hunting for a new apartment or posting a quick gig offer. Craigslist always has lots to offer when it comes to searching for services and deals, but its greatest crutch lies in poor navigation and a lack of visuals. A new site called Craiggers has just been launched with the tagline "craigslist data, better than craigslist."

The beauty of Craiggers comes alive with a much-improved navigation. Instead of opening tab upon new tab and getting lost in the confusion of it all, Craiggers lets you view listings in the same window without leaving your initial list of results. You can close the window after you're finished viewing and all your results are still there ready for you to browse through.

All the important information: item name, email to reply to, price and photos can be viewed in the right hand column. One of my favorite new features besides the ability to search in multiple geographic locations is to save searches to repeat later. Although some searches end in one session, others like apartment hunting (or in my case, a search for the perfect beach cruiser) can take several days. Craiggers lets you save your search and also sends you emails twice a day with new results. If you're on Twitter, Facebook or Gmail, you can connect your account to Craiggers and start searching right away.

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