How To Neatly Wrap Cords and Hoses

published Nov 13, 2008
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While we’ve got all of our indoor extension cords neatly stored away, storing the 50ft length of medium gauge outdoor extension cord isn’t going to work with our DIY solution. Fine Homebuilding‘s Tucker Windover (what a great name) has come to our rescue with some step-by-step instructions of how to keep a medium-gauge electrical cord in good condition and to avoid coiling with some fancy wrapping techniques that not only preserve your cords and hoses, but also look darn nice…

Some important notes Tucker points out about storing cords, cables and hoses:

  • “…coiling cords too tightly introduces twists and kinks and should be avoided.”
  • “For heavy-gauge electrical cords that are too bulky to drape and bundle, I weave a daisy chain, which then can be folded into a manageable size for transportation and storage.”
  • “…hang cords on 2x blocks of wood fixed to the wall.”
  • Use Velcro: “Color-coding cords and tools for different job sites, equipment owners, or cord gauges is a smart way to stay organized.”

Watch Tucker demonstrate all three techniques he uses to wrap various lengths of cords and hoses here and get started at organizing that mess in your utility room or garage.

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(Images: Tucker Windover)