How To Obtain Copy of My Lease?

How To Obtain Copy of My Lease?

Tess Wilson
Sep 12, 2015

Q: My boyfriend and I have finally found a place that we love and have decided that this is where we are settling for the next few years. The unit is well-kept, the location is unbeatable, and our rent is relatively low (for the neighborhood/Chicago). The only issue, though, is that our lease expired at the end of July. In about mid-June I emailed our landlord asking him when he would like for us to sign a new lease and he said that he uses a letter that essentially states both parties are agreeing that the lease is renewed for another year at the same terms. Fine. However, the end of July came and went and nothing happened...

I recently emailed him asking for a copy and he responded that his records indicate our lease is good until the end of July 2016. I let him know that my copy does not, and asked if I could have a copy of the new one for my records in case we need to be able to prove residency (which we do- my boyfriend's MI license is about to expire and in order to apply for one in IL, he needs to produce a valid lease). I haven't heard anything since. I'm just wondering what's the polite/correct way to obtain a copy of my lease. I don't want to turn this into a bad relationship with our landlord, I just don't understand why he seems so reluctant to share a copy of the new lease with us (he's been attentive to our maintenance requests). I've never stayed in the same unit for longer than a year, so any advice is very welcome! -Sent by Kelly

Editor: Readers, here's a legal/logistical question for you to sink your teeth into! What should Kelly do in her situation, and what should your fellow readers do if they ever find themselves in somewhat similar situations? What's the best way to get a copy of your lease?

And Kelly, I moved to Illinois not too long ago and was able to get a license without a lease. According to the IL DMV, you need "2 documents satisfying Group D: These documents prove your residency. Examples include bank statements or credit reports." I think I used a utility bill and my bank statement. Hope that helps!

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