Organizing the Paperwork

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is a lot of paperwork involved in parenting. Who knew! But every new purchase comes with a receipt, a warranty, and a manual, and as anyone who has ever wondered if their car seat is installed properly, or fought with their allegedly easy-to-collapse stroller knows, it helps to keep the instructions handy!

Over on Parenthacks this week, a handy how-to for organizing all of those product manuals.

We like the suggestion to staple the reciept to the manual, in case you ever have to provide proof-of-purchase, helpful for recalls and returns.

Don’t have a filing system yet? We recommend starting with Lifehacker and Clutter Wizard as good places to start.

How do you manage all the manuals that come with baby stuff? Did you come up with a genius solution for managing the paperwork that comes with parenting? Adoptive parents, your paperchasing often produces reams of documents, so you start the organization process earlier than most – how did you keep it organized?

image courtesy of Neat Living.