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The Hardware Store Staple That Can Help Organize Every Room in Your Rental

published Jun 8, 2016
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When combined with pipes, a towel bar, or a suspension rod, basic s-hooks from the hardware store work space-saving magic. Hang pots and pans, towels, or gardening tools from the hooks, and you’ll save drawer space, while leaving items you reach for often right out in the open. Here are nine reasons to let s-hooks hang out in every room in your rental.

(Image credit: Ailine Liefeld)

A combination of s-hooks and metal pipes serves up both style and function in this lovely kitchen, captured by Ailine Liefeld, and in the blush pink one above, from Jersey Ice Cream Co. One trip to the hardware store is all you’ll need to construct these organizing masterpieces. When you’re there, pick up: copper or brass pipes (Home Depot will cut them to size for you), elbows, flanges (the pieces that attach to the wall with screws), and of course, a set of handy s-hooks.

What looks like an entryway is actually an unconventional closet spotted on Refinery29—but the same organizing principle can be used in either space. The rail shown above is the ever-popular FINTORP from IKEA, which can be paired with IKEA hooks or any s-hooks you like.

(Image credit: Morganours)

Hooks that have been spray-painted white and turquoise suspend hanging plants from a pretty copper pipe in this kitchen from Morganours. Many store-bought plant hangers come with a ring at the top, but if yours doesn’t, simply tie a secure loop to slip the hook through.

(Image credit: Beneath My Heart)

When the s-hooks in the hardware aisle weren’t big enough for the industrial coat rack that Traci of Beneath My Heart built for her entryway, she got crafty and spray-painted hooks found in the plant section. The takeaway: S-hooks come in a huge range of sizes—you may just need to look around.

(Image credit: Deko)

Life hack: Place a few extra s-hooks along the suspension rod for your shower curtain and use them to hold your towel or a robe. Finally, no more reaching across the room while dripping wet. Idea inspired by Deko.

(Image credit: The Cavender Diary)

Towel bars and s-hooks keep tools tidy. Attach the bars to the back of a toolshed door, as demoed here from The Cavender Diary, or affix them to a basement wall.