How to Organize Your Tech Stuff & Not Die

How to Organize Your Tech Stuff & Not Die

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 17, 2010

In the corner of our living room/ home office there are boxes. Most of these boxes are empty. Almost all of these boxes contained at one point, electronics. Next to these boxes are various pieces of tech. Gifts received and gifts waiting to be given. If this sounds organized to you, it's not... this spot been a huge eyesore for us for some time and is a prime example of what can happen when you live in a small apartment without storage. We decided that even though a glance at the pile made us nauseous, we could no longer live with covering it up with a screen. We survived, and so can you. Here are our tips on how to tackle your own massive tech mess.

We knew we needed a plan before we could tackle the disaster that had taken up residence in our corner. Since we are not only expert collectors of stuff, but also expert procrastinators we have had plenty of time to think of our game plan. To tame this beast of a mess we set aside several hours and used the following strategy:

  • Storage Furniture: Think about what you will need storage furniture wise before tackling the project and have it on hand before you start. We knew that we would need some sort of shelving unit to organize the products. Due to our minuscule budget, we chose the humble Hyllis for $14.99.
  • Divide to Conquer: Along the lines of beginning each journey with a single step and taking it one step at a time, we began by separating everything from the massive pile and laying it out. Once we could see everything that we had, it became more clear where things should go.
  • Keep a Vac Handy: As more floor space began to be revealed more dust clouds were kicked in the air. Keep the dust under control by cleaning as you go along.
  • Evaluate Critically: Which boxes do you need to keep and which should be recycled? We decided to keep the boxes for old tech that we hope to re-sell and for products that we know we would need to ship back to manufacturer should they need to be repaired. We do admit to also deciding to keep the boxes for our Apple tech for purely sentimental reasons. Tech that we no longer used we divided into two piles, one for gifts/ donations and the other for sale.
  • Shelf by Use: One of our biggest worries, as crazy as this may sound, was that with a shelving system we would not be able to get to the stuff we use the most. Unlike with our pile system, the items we used frequently were always on top. To allay our fears we decided to shelf by how often we used a product. The two center shelves were reserved for products we used on a daily basis and the top and bottom were for less commonly used devices.

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What are your organizing tips?

[images: Joelle Alcaidinho]

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