How to Overcome Home Envy: 5 Foolproof Steps to Try

How to Overcome Home Envy: 5 Foolproof Steps to Try

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 7, 2014
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Never before has there been so many things for us to see, flip through, gaze at and obsess over. The sheer amount of photographs and tours of gorgeous homes available at our fingertips is overwhelming. And while it can be plenty inspiring, it can also be quite envy-inducing. If you're feeling the kind of home jealousy that's getting in the way of your home being the best it could be, here are some tips for turning that envy into positive feelings!

1. Consider a visual break from what's making you jealous
If instead of being excited and energized while scrolling through your Pinterest feed, you start feeling dejected, bummed out and depressed, it's time to step away. You're no longer seeing ideas to spark your creativity and decor, you're only seeing what you don't have and what you feel like you won't ever have.

2. Get to the root of your jealousy, first.

Are you jealous because you don't have the kind of home that you think can support the look you want? Are you jealous because you feel like you don't have enough money to buy the home style you want? Do you feel like you're not good enough and couldn't possibly design a home that looks good? Get to the bottom of what's making you jealous by simply being honest with yourself about what you're feeling.

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3. Decide what small steps you can take in a direction to better your home
After you know why you're jealous, start taking small steps in the direction that will help your home. A tight budget is the bummer? Stop looking at high-end homes and start gathering ideas for affordable DIYs and buys while planning out how to save a bit more money. If you think you can't implement an idea because your home isn't big enough/the right style/whatever, seek out examples of folks who are blasting those stereotypes and totally do what they did.

4. Turn it into motivation
That's right...turn that jealousy into pure "I can do that, too!" If it helps to think about it as a competition, great. But remember you're actually competing with your own home — not someone else's. There's nothing wrong with letting a little envy light a fire under you, just make sure you move in the right direction of what you actually want in a home, not copying someone else's idea of a home. Only borrow elements that resonate, and then put your own twist on them.

5. Cultivate gratitude
Does this seem to show up in every post? Sorry, not sorry. It's vital. And it's an important element to taking negative home envy emotions and flipping them into positive home bettering ones. Anytime a case of home envy really takes hold, spend extra effort finding the great things about your home someone else might be jealous of, and see that it's all just perspective anyway.

Do you ever get hit with serious home envy? How do you deal with being jealous of other people's homes? Any tips to share in the comments below?
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