How To Paint a Porch Floor

How To Paint a Porch Floor

Jul 9, 2010
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Nothing says summer quite like an afternoon spent on the porch sipping lemonade. And few things can detract from such a lovely afternoon quite like a lackluster porch. Luckily, updating said porch doesn't take much more than some paint and some time.


1. Select a Color: The first, and often most fun...or stressful, action to take is to figure out a paint color for the porch. Valspar's Online Painter will let you mock up homes with various paint choices to find that perfect color.

2. Determine Your Paint Choice:Once you've selected a color, you will need to determine the type of paint you want to use. Valspar offers two different choices for porch floors— one latex-based with a low sheen finish and another oil-based with a high gloss finish— that require different application techniques depending on which one you choose.

Valspar Latex Floor and Porch Exterior Paint is a non-glare, very low sheen acrylic coating which gives floors tough, long-lasting protection. Durable and weather resistant, this enamel lasts for years in exterior applications.

Valspar Oil Porch and Floor Exterior Paint is a polyurethane fortified, high gloss paint designed for long lasting floor protection. This extremely durable enamel resists scuffing and abrasion while retaining its high gloss appearance.

3. Determine How Much Paint You Need: Now that the color and paint type is determined, it's time to figure out much paint you need to buy. Valspar's Paint Calculator will calculate how many gallons of paint are needed to tackle your paint project, and lead you through prep work and correct painting techniques.

4. Clean the Floor: Hose your porch floor down or, if it's particularly dirty, scrub it with a special wood cleaner and allow it to completely air dry. Make sure to flatten out stray nail heads and remove any rocks, leaves, or debris hiding between the planks.

5. Tape Off the House and Get an Angled Brush: Make sure to tape off the side of the house that meets the deck or porch to prevent any paint from getting on the siding, stucco or brick facade of your home. An angled brush is preferred for the task, since it's easier to maneuver and get into cracks and along edges than a roller brush.

6. Paint Yourself Out of the Area: Start painting at the far edge of the deck, next to the house, and gradually work your way towards the front edge of the porch. Paint both sides of the porch first so that you meet in the middle, or wherever the stairs are, so that you have a way out!

7. Let Dry, then Repeat if Necessary: If you like a bit of a rough, weathered look, then one coat should be sufficient. Otherwise, repeat after 24 hours drying time.

One More Tip: there's nothing worse than completing a gorgeous painting job only to have a neighbor or your friendly UPS guy walk up the front steps and unknowingly besmirch your freshly coated porch (and their shoes!). Keep your porch roped off until it's completely dry, keep your pets in the backyard, and put up signs urging people to come around the side door.

Once the painting is finished, don't forget to pour yourself a nice refreshing glass of lemonade!

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