How To Paint The Giant Wall Portrait Your Pet Deserves

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Submitted by Claire)

Ok, you don’t have to paint a portrait of your pet. You can extend it to family members or partners or whomever, but look at how cute that portrait is. Claire’s tutorial is super simple, all you need is an app, a willing subject and some paint!

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: A couple of hours
Project Cost: $20

(Image credit: Submitted by Claire)

What You Need


  • Large white canvas – you can paint over an old one
  • Acrylic paints


  • Overhead or art projector
  • Mobile phone and photo posterization app such as paper camera
(Image credit: Submitted by Claire)

From Claire: This is a lot easier than it looks and you don’t need to be a great artist. Posterizing your picture simplifies it so that it’s like painting by numbers you did as a kid. This is a great way to get a fantastic personalized piece of wall art that will look amazing in your home.

(Image credit: Submitted by Claire)
(Image credit: Submitted by Claire)


  1. Take a picture on your mobile phone of your subject, either a pet or a person. Using one of the many free photo manipulation apps such as paper camera, simplify your picture by posterising.
  2. Print the photo out onto a transparency and project onto your giant canvas.
  3. Using a pencil, sketch out the outline of the picture onto the canvas.
  4. Assign each color a number and workout your own color by numbers chart for the picture.
  5. Start painting wherever you want, using your color chart as a guide.

Check out Claire’s blog Pillar Box Blue for more photos and instructions.

Thanks, Claire!

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