How To Pare Down Everything Just Like You Pare Down Your Wardrobe

published Jan 21, 2016
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If you’ve tried a few different ways of decluttering your stuff — from home decor to paperwork to furniture to cleaning supplies and more — but still find yourself struggling with feeling like you need more room in your home and life, you might find success with this method. It’s a good process, particularly if you’re someone with a love and mind for fashion. Approach paring down your other belongings like you pare down your wardrobe and you just might find streamlining all your things easier.

Figure out what doesn’t fit your body anymore

…Or ever did. When’s the last time you really considered whether that chair in your living room is actually comfortable to sit in? Or whether that mirror is the right size to give you the best view of you? Does your desk chair make your back hurt? Do your feet hang off your bed? Think about the furnishings in your space by how they relate to you, physically. Do they feel good to your skin? Do they feel comfortable to use? If the answer is no, you might consider trading the object or furniture piece for something that does fit you better.

Find what doesn’t fit your style anymore

Our styles are constantly evolving. If you find yourself not “in love” with the look of something in your home anymore, don’t feel bad. Especially if that old thing clashes with newer decor that feels closer to your personality. Don’t be afraid to let go of objects you don’t love looking at or that don’t give you confidence in the look of your home.

Discover what you have too many of

Chairs? Books? Benches? Throw blankets? Get rid of any duplicates and take an honest survey of objects that you have multiples of; you might be able to get by with less (like the ones you love and use the most!)

Decide what’s not worth repairing

Many things can be repaired and fixed up to keep them looking good and staying functional. But you don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money to fix up a furniture piece if buying something new (or new-to-you) makes more sense. Take the time to do the math to see how much it would cost to fix something versus buy something of equal quality. Potential exceptions: Furniture pieces with great bones that can easily be recovered in new materials or furniture pieces you just can’t part with for sentimental or family heirloom reasons.

Don’t keep things for the wrong reasons

How many times have you grappled with getting rid of a dress you haven’t worn because it was expensive? Or held on to really old jeans in hopes of motivating yourself to fit into them again one day? Just like how you don’t want to hold on to clothing pieces for the wrong reasons, you don’t want to do the same for furniture and decor. In my opinion, “because I spent a lot of money on it!” isn’t the best reason to hold on to something. If it doesn’t pass any of the filters above, you might consider trading it in for something else, no matter its original price.