How To: Photograph Your Home

How To: Photograph Your Home

Sep 26, 2008
It's not as easy as it seems to take good photos of homes. If you're taking pics sometime soon for the Fall Colors Contest, you might find these tips helpful. And please, of course, share your own...

Our Tips:
• De-clutter and clean up your home beforehand - items such as bottles of lotion on the nightstand, unmade beds, full garbage cans, and raised toilet seats are distracting
• Take as many photos as possible
• Pay attention to lighting and try not to use a flash
• Try getting down on the floor and up on a chair, experiment with different angles
• Take photos both of vignettes and full room shots
• Take your time and don't rush
• Don't be afraid of cropping
• Double-check the photos before submitting them to be sure you've chosen the best images and that they're light enough

Tips from Contest Entrants and House Tour Homeowners:
• Standing back at different angles gives a room depth and dimension
• I think photographing rooms in natural light helps
• Cleaning up clutter really helps keep the focus on the room
• Compose objects so that there is breathing room
• Find a time of day when lighting looks the best for the subject
• Take multiple shots, then pick out the ones you like. Sometimes, it just isn't perfect the first time around
• When I take photos, I usually take them from every possible angle and use elements like doorways and furniture to frame the view. Sometimes the least likely angle creates the best shot
• It's ok to cheat and move things around a little for the shot
• I suspect most people take photographs dead-on and focus on one thing (the couch, a table, etc). Sometimes you can find a good shot by looking through the viewfinder and moving around the room

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