How To Prepare Your Home Tech For a New Puppy or Kitten

How To Prepare Your Home Tech For a New Puppy or Kitten

Taryn Williford
Feb 26, 2010

That little guy up there? Well that's my new Boston Terrier, Bacon. Having a new pet is a lot like welcoming a new baby. There's lots you'll need to do to puppy-proof your home, especially in regards to any cables, wires, or components/consoles within paw's reach. But there's also plenty of ways your tech can help you!

What You Need


  • A new version 1.0 puppy or kitten
  • Storage or a shelf for remotes and controls
  • A wire management system
  • Speakers, connected to a music player
  • Nintendo Wii and WiiFit


1. New puppies and kittens love to chew on small rubber bits, not excluding those small buttons all over your TV remotes and that deliciously rubbery case on your WiiMote. Make sure you store them up high. Or, even better, get a storage system made for your controls, like these XBox and Wii gaming towers.

2. To avoid an electrocution disaster, clear up any wires that are laying on the ground. Grab a wire management kit if you need to.

3. When you inevitably have to leave your new, furry bundle of joy at home, use your tech to your advantage and play some soft music to keep him entertained. We've heard dogs prefer light classical music, but Bacon happens to love AC/DC.

4. Check around your appliances to make sure there's no gaps that a small pet could sneak into. Block the areas with cardboard, your trash can or whatever else you've got around.

5. Some larger computer or gaming peripherals (like your printer or Wii Balance Board) may have made a home on your floor. But with a new puppy around, we made sure to stow them up where Bacon can't reach.

6. But before you tuck the Wii Balance Board away, why not weigh your pet? We made a Mii for Bacon on WiiFit and are able to keep track of the growing boy by holding him as we stand on the board.

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(Images: Taryn Fiol)

Originally posted on 02-26-2010

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