How To: Prepare for a Move

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Martha is so good at breaking down big jobs into manageable steps. We’re changing apartments soon, and we clipped her moving guidelines to help make sense of our big move. It’s nothing we don’t already know, but it helps to have it all laid out and scheduled:

Here’s how we stack up to Martha’s checklist.

Six Weeks Before: Hire a Mover.
Done. We went with Joey’s Movers on Heather’s recommendation. We thought about going the DIY route (my husband has a lot of moving favors he can call in), but we’re moving on a Thursday and we know getting unpaid help on a workday is unrealistic.

Five Weeks Before: Organize Your Belongings.
Done, pretty much. Since the Fall Cure, our home has been purged of most of its clutter. We also worked out a deal with the the new tenants, who are buying most of the furniture we’re getting rid of.

Four Weeks Before: Gather Materials.
Um, we’re still working on this one.

Three Weeks Before: Start Packing, Notify Utility Services.
Yeah, we’re on it. My very organized husband has taken care of most of our utility changeovers, but we’re both putting off packing. This weekend, we’ll get it together.

Two Weeks Before: Continue Packing, Change Your Address.
We’ll be tackling this next week. New voter registration, here we come!

One Week Before: Finish Packing.
We’ve still got time to deal with this one. Okay, so we’re a little behind, but I’m a procrastinator, and plowing through the packing will be fun, right?

Moving Day: Direct Movers, Inspect for Damages.
Hopefully we’ll be organized enough to minimize the stress on moving day.

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