How To: Prevent Spider Bites
Beth Zeigler
Nov 13, 2008

111308garage-01.jpgWe've been organizing a client's garage for the past week and it's been a rough few days. Sawdust from house construction and sun that just won't quit--we're beat. Not to mention the black widow we encountered first hand on day one (but it's all in a days work and we can't imagine doing anything else). We took preventative measures to avoid being bit (we have a slight case of arachnophobia) and we wanted to share the tips with you.

We found these great tips on a website called Haley Pest Control. If your skin crawls at the thought of spiders--watch out for this website (not for the timid). Here are a few tips on how to keep spiders out of corners, boxes and garages while keeping yourself protected as well.

  • Store boxes off the floor and away from walls and seal them tightly with tape to reduce spider access.
  • You should always be careful about where you put your hands when doing outdoor work, and wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt when working around woodpiles or other items that are likely to harbor spiders (we also wore socks that covered our ankles just to be extra safe).
  • Keep attics and basements ventilated to reduce moisture, thus reducing the amount of prey insects available as a food source for spiders.
  • Maintain tight-fitting screens in windows and seal cracks in walls or other entrance sites.
  • Do not stack wood against your house. Spiders like woodpiles and if they take up residence inside wood stacked next to a house, there is more chance that they will wander into the home. Move the woodpile as far from the house as possible, stack it off the ground and cover it with a tarp. Also, when you pick up wood, wear gloves. Be sure to shake out the gloves first for spiders, or stomp on the gloves first to squash a spider.
  • Keep all articles of clothing, including shoes and outerwear, off the floor. Shake all articles of clothing before putting them on.
  • Switch from cardboard box storage units to plastic containers with sealable tops. Cardboard boxes are hospitable to brown recluse spiders, as they tend to hide in the corners and underneath the flaps (lucky for us, brown recluse spiders aren't prevalent in Southern California).
  • Transfer all articles from underneath your bed, especially boxes, to another place. The space underneath your bed can be a perfect spider habitat.

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