7 Easy and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Plants Alive This Winter, According to Amazon Reviewers

updated Dec 9, 2019
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There are so many reasons to hate winter, but ridiculously frigid and dry temperatures, short days, and the sun being mostly MIA are probably some of the most obvious ones. Well, turns out just as much as these conditions are hard on humans, they are equally tough on plants, and they don’t even have hot chocolate and fuzzy blankets to look forward to!

While it sounds counterintuitive, experts recommend watering your indoor plants less during the cooler months. So how do you keep your trendy green friends hydrated, protected, and thriving, especially since they cost you a good chunk of your paycheck? We turned to Amazon for thrifty solutions, rounding up a list based on high ratings and rave reviews. And the results? Super easy and under $30!

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Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes

If your indoor plants are mirroring the gloomy weather outside, give them a little boost with these plant food spikes. “I’ve been using this fertilizer for 10 days. And now I can see the plant’s deference!,” says one reviewer. “It’s resurrecting, isn’t it? I’m very happy!” Simply make holes using the the plastic nails and insert the food spikes every sixty days (one for smaller plants and two or three for larger plants). Water the plant, and then watch your baby thrive. The spikes (a blend of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium—all the good stuff to stimulate growth and health) are especially useful in the winter when your plants aren’t getting that much sunlight and probably wilting from the dry, cold air. Plus, they come backed with 4.4-star ratings and are super affordable.

Buy: Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes, $7.54

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Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Amped with a red and blue LED combination, an adjustable gooseneck and five dimmable modes—this grow light with a near-perfect 4.7-star rating is the ideal solution for plants that don’t get enough natural sunlight. “Here in the sad midwest we don’t see the sun for a good portion of the year (or so it seems like) so this has been such a help in reviving those sad plants that need full sun,” said one reviewer. Plus several other reviewers loved the “flexibility” of the clip that lets you move the lights to just about anywhere you like. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable and less obvious, these grow bulbs are another Amazon-reviewer favorite. Screw them into any of your existing lamps and they provide a balanced spectrum for your plants and seeds to thrive.

Buy: Grow Light for Indoor Plants with Timer and 3 Switch Mode, $24.98

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Agfabric Warm Worth Frost Blanket

You’ve worked hard on your outdoor garden all through summer, so don’t let it fall to pieces once the cold winds hit. These 4.1-star rated, bestselling frost blankets are an easy and affordable way to protect shrubs, and medium-sized potted plants. Plus, they come with a drawstring that can be tightened around the trunk, keeping the cover in place even during high-wind conditions. “This little baby has saved my star jasmine after the below average winter we had in the deep south last year,” confirmed one happy reviewer. Even better? You can pick between several kinds of covers based on the size of your plants.

Buy: Agfabric Warm Worth Frost Blanket, $13.69

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Organic Fiber Mulch with Hydrating Bag

According to Mother Earth News, mulching acts as an insulation and keeps your plant roots warm during the colder months. While any kind of mulch will be just fine, we specifically picked this option for it’s attractive cinnamon color (yes, it’s mulch, but we still want it to be pretty!), compact packaging that makes it easy to store in space-crunched apartments, and 4.3-star rating. “I don’t have storage for a large bag of mulch,” noted one reviewer. “So getting something that looked like a small book and having it bulk up—with water—to be 5 quarts was great.”

Buy: Organic Fiber Mulch with Hydrating Bag, $9.99

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Metal Plant Mister

While we’ve established that plants need less water during winter months, it doesn’t mean that you should leave them parched. Use a mister instead to help raise the humidity levels and prevent any spider mite infestations without the stress of overwatering the soil and roots. This particular brass version with a solid 4.1-star rating is Amazon’s top choice for misters, and we love that it’s pretty enough to double up as decor. As this reviewer puts it: “Very decorative and functional.”

Buy: Metal Plant Mister, $23.99

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Brussel 8-inch Humidity Tray

If you have tropical plants or delicate ones like bonsais and orchids, snag one of these 4.5-star rated trays to maintain optimal water levels, and provide plants with a healthier, more humid local environment. “With the cooler weather moving in I needed to help keep my orchids and maidenhair ferns moist. These really help to keep humidity around the plants,” says a reviewer of the sleek set-up that can easily fit on a window-sill. Plus, “it has small feet on each corner so moisture does not gather underneath the tray,” says another reviewer. It’s also a clever way to provide an area for drainage and save your coffee table or wooden floors from getting damaged.

Buy: Brussel 8-inch Humidity Tray, $5.99

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Blazin’ Bison Indoor Plant Watering Globes

Overwatering your plants to compensate for dry, chilly weather is just as bad as under-watering your plants. Strike the right balance with these very attractive glass globes that come backed with rave reviews and a 4.3-star rating. Simply fill them with filtered water and stick it upside down in your pot. Whenever the soil starts getting dry or the roots are thirsty, the appropriate amount of water will trickle in to hydrate your plant. Plus, it’s the perfect solution to keep your plants hydrated and happy when you’re away on vacation or work trips. As this reviewer puts it: “It’s a great way to guarantee that perfect sweet-spot of ‘moist but not wet'”.

Buy: Blazin’ Bison Indoor Plant Watering Globes, $27