How To Prove Pets Didn't Damage Carpet?

How To Prove Pets Didn't Damage Carpet?

Tess Wilson
Sep 8, 2015

Q: My husband and I rented an apartment in January. The place had been newly-carpeted throughout with a Berber. My landlord mentioned more than once about the expense this carpet had set him back, and as a show of good faith, we added $400 to our security deposit for our cat and dog (they are extremely well-behaved and that's how confident we are that they would cause no damage ). Well, here it is, not even a year later, and the carpet is fraying...

I believe it is because it is a cheap carpet and the fraying is only happening in the high-traffic areas (the size of the apartment makes reconfiguring furniture impossible). I am afraid he is going to say it is due to our animals and he is going to keep all of our security deposit because of it. I have put plastic mats down over the worst areas, but the damage is still done and noticeable if you are looking carefully. What can I do to convince him it wasn't us that damaged the carpeting? -Sent by Cassandra

Editor: Living with both plastic mats on the floor and the stress of possibly losing hundreds of dollars sounds like no fun at all. Readers, what advice do you have for Cassandra? Is there anyway to prove the damage is normal (human) wear and tear? Or do you think even the most well-behaved animals might cause some damage? Thanks!

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