How To Put Your Clothes Away Each Day

How To Put Your Clothes Away Each Day

Kyle Freeman
Feb 1, 2010

Overall, I'm a ridiculously tidy person. So much so that I have a business dedicated to helping other people get organized. But to confess, putting clothes away properly at the end of a long, tiring day has always been my downfall, quickly leading to piles of clothes in my room.

I'm usually so exhausted by bedtime that the the best I can do is throw my clothes at the end of my bed or on a chair. But I've recently employed a new head game with myself that actually seems to be working.

It's simple and might sound strange — when I'm tempted to just chuck the clothes somewhere, anywhere, I just start calmly counting seconds in my head. This started as an exercise just to see how long it would actually take to just put the clothes away. I learned that it only takes about sixty seconds to hang up and fold whatever I'm wearing. But this counting practice, which I employ whenever I'm convinced that I'm too tired to put my clothes away, has turned into a successful and oddly meditative pre-bedtime ritual.

It's hard to justify NOT taking sixty seconds to do something that will a) make it more pleasant to wake up in a tidy bedroom b) save me from a much longer clothes organizing session when the clothes reach critical mass (or mess) c) make it a lot easier to find my clothes when I dress the next day and d) takes better care of my clothes by reducing the need for laundering and ironing.

So even if this tip sounds strange, give it a try. Just once.

What other tricks do you use to make yourself put stuff away on a daily basis?

Image: Flickr member DeHKsY licensed under Creative Commons

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