How To Quickly Convert to a Standing Desk Using Add-Ons

How To Quickly Convert to a Standing Desk Using Add-Ons

Laura E. Hall
May 12, 2011

Generally, the first step in creating a standing desk from a sitting one involves piling books, board games or whatever boxes one might have at hand, then placing a keyboard and monitor atop it. But what's the middle ground between a stack of textbooks and the $800 adjustable height Geek Desk? We've found some simple add-ons to help boost temporarily boost height; check them out and share your own tips below.

If you're working with limited space or resources, like in an office that won't take too kindly to you taking a hacksaw to their desk surfaces, but still want to have a booster that's nicer than a stack of books, there are lots of clever DIY solutions and hacks that can help you reach your goal.

Dawn found that a $20 wire baker's rack from her local home improvement store did the trick, after discovering and measuring the most comfortable height using a stack of books. The addition of rubber feet helped to make the whole rig a lot more stable.

Drew created his own rectangular rack to convert his workstation desk into a standing one, and writes that "now [he] only sits during meetings."

And for the less crafty among us, Benjamin recommended buying a small coffee table ($57) that sits at the right height, for its portability and flexibility.

Have you converted to a standing desk and use more than a pile of books to prop up your gear? We want to hear from you. Share your tips, tricks and finds in the comments below.

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(Image: Flickr member drewsaunders licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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