How to Refresh Your Home Decor In a Recession

How to Refresh Your Home Decor In a Recession

Gregory Han
Sep 25, 2008

As everyone already knows, the economy has limited how far many of us are willing to open our wallets for both everyday necessities and those good life luxuries. With people prioritizing their budgets, options like revamping our home decor or renovation projects are being put on hold. But there are a few ways you can update your home without spending all that much or a cent at all...

Declutter: An easy way to refresh your home decor with major results is to declutter, organize and clean. Even just decluttering a small room like the bathroom or closet can result in a big change. Now is the perfect time to donate, Craigslist, or eBay those furnishings and decor items that are preventing your home from realizing its full potential. Give a good look at your home and set aside those items that aren't being used and/or mismatch with the rest of your decor. Use the money for a nest egg (times might still get worse) or save for something with a small footprint by big impact (artwork, mirror, area rug, lighting).

Throw a home decor exchange party: Invite 10 of your friends over and have everyone bring 1-3 home item that they feel like might better fit into someone else's home. Of course, this shouldn't be an opportunity for people to rid of their worst stuff, but instead a chance for people to find a new home for those items that didn't quite work in their own home but might benefit another. Participants could barter, donate or sell, depending upon what's being offered. Follow it up with another party where everyone brings photos of their newly acquired new-used item in their home. Cocktails an optional plus.

Maria's “Oh So You” Bungalow's bathroom was updated with striking results once repainted.

New Interior paint: Compare the impact of a new couch against newly painted walls, and the paint wins hands down. Painting is a relatively low cost (though high effort) solution for the decor hum drums. And there's no need to go overboard with bright colours to achieve impact. Thoughtful use of complimentary hues, including pastels, greys, and earth tones can all result in a room that feels completely new even with the same furnishings within. And remember to stick with low VOC paint want a new room without the new fumes.

Rearrange your room: As a child, one of our favourite things to do every few months was to move around our desk, bed and bookshelf (yeah, the parents thought we were a bit daft). There's something extremely satisfying about rearranging a room, and one often learns how to optimize space once they've removed everything out of the room and set out to restart with a blank slate. You might pay alot in sweat, no doubt, but this solution won't cost you a cent (just be careful and have someone help, lest you damage your furniture, or worse, yourself).

This large area rug was purchased for just $60. The secret source here.

Purchase an area rug: besides new interior paint, we think the most cost efficient home decor purchase you can make with the greatest impact is floor covering. This can range for "what a steal" garage sale/flea market affordable to a long term pricey investment. For those on a budget, carpet tiles from FLOR make a lot of sense, while big name chains like Target, IKEA, Crate and Barrel all offer affordable area rugs that have the possibility of changing the whole look and feel of your living room or bedroom.

(Images: Danielle & Lakshan; as linked above)

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