How To: Remember If You’ve Turned the Stove Off

published Nov 7, 2008
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110708oven-01.jpgWe might just be the most paranoid person when it comes to remembering whether or not we’ve turned off the stove, heater, iron, etc. We will spare the really embarrassing story of calling the fire department when we thought our oven was on fire (and it definitely wasn’t). But all humiliating stories aside, we always fret once we leave the house that we’ve left some hot appliance on and our house will surely turn into a fiery inferno and not be there when we return. Over the years, we’ve come up with a few things to do to keep your sanity and your house safe. A few tips for how to remember if you’ve turned off the stove, heater, iron, etc., after the jump.

  • We read about this somewhere a few years back and it actually works–Clap your hands once when you’ve turned the appliance off. You’re more likely to remember the clapping than the actual process of turning the iron or stove off.
  • Saying it out loud. When you turn the oven off, say out loud, “The oven is turned off, or I’ve turned off the oven.” Your roommate might think you’ve gone crazy but at least your sanity will be in check for the rest of the day.
  • Checklist. The checklist can live in your head but basically, before you leave your house, you’ll want to scan each room and check each large appliance that would be considered dangerous if it was left on. Even if you didn’t use those appliances that day, you’d have peace of mind that your apartment was safe.
  • Labeling the appliance. The label could read; turn off when finished, turn off or fire will ensue… you get the picture. A label acts as a reminder for when you’re in a hurry or on the phone and is one more step that will help ensure that the appliance gets turned off.
  • Give neighbors a key to your house. Every apartment we’ve ever lived in, our neighbors have had a key to our place. That way, if you haven’t incorporated any preventative measures, you can call them and ask them to check up on your place to make sure that you’ve turned off the stove.

How do you remember if you’ve turned the stove off?