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How to: Remove Odors from Your Home

updated May 11, 2019
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Recent posts on Frugal for Life and Lifehacker reminded us of some easy, eco-friendly ways to remove odors from — or, as Lifehacker says, “de-stinkify” — our homes (without resorting to non-green air fresheners). Following are some of the ideas:

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• Try to determine what the odor is from — throw out old food, take out the garbage, run the garbage disposal, clean smelly shoes and dog beds, change the cat box
• Open all the windows
• Soak a cotton ball in clove oil, lemon extract, peppermint or vanilla extract; place it in a plastic bag or container with holes, and place in the smelly room

• Boil lemon or orange peels in water, and let stand
• Leave a bowl of white vinegar in the room
• Run orange or lemon peels through the garbage disposal
• Boil cinnamon sticks
• Put drops of vanilla or essential oil on light bulbs
Use charcoal briquettes

Anyone have any tips to add?

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