How to Repurpose Your Analog TV

How to Repurpose Your Analog TV

Range Govindan
Jun 22, 2009

Thanks to the DTV switchover which occurred this month, there are a bunch of analog TVs flooding the thrift stores and garage sales. The question is what do to with all of these, especially if you have more than one floating around in your home. Before you go and chuck it out the window, there are a few cool things that you can do with a TV.

Other than recycling your analog TV, there are quite a few different things that you can do with it. To start off with, you can take the TV apart. One really cool idea is to make a cat bed or fish tank out of the casing and get rid of the insides. The fish tank is really neat since all you need is to waterproof the TV and you are ready to go. With a lot of people making their own tanks, this has gotten quite easy to do. All you need is some good glue and some glass and you are ready to go. Also, it will fill the space of a TV with something else that you and your cat can stare at. This handy guide tells you how to proceed in 9 easy steps.

You could also reuse the parts. You could try out the YBOX. The YBOX is a simple device that turns a TV into a simple, web configurable "Dashboard". YBOX is a prototype for an ultra-cheap internet appliance that is always on, which can be attached to any standard TV set. The makers explain that you can fit it with these channels that you can have displayed on your old TV. The initial goal was to make this cost under $10, but in the end, it will cost you $75 for this kit. Still, it's something cool to try out and if you break something, it doesn't really matter that much, now does it?

At the end of the day, you could always just make some art out of the old TV. The above tower was created by Nam June Paik, who was considered to be the world's first video artist. It looks eclectic, but it could definitely work in some rooms where there is enough space to create something like this. There is something about having a wall full of TVs that appeals to many people, especially if they don't match. [via Make, photos by Tarik H, Murray Fortescue and Bekathwia]

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