How to Respond When Friends Ask ‘Why Go Green?’

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

An anonymous note popped up on the office fridge at my full time job recently, urging everyone to be better about recycling and to stop wasting paper plates. Grabbing a quick bite in the kitchen with a co-worker, she pointed to the note, asking, “Why should I care?”

How do you respond to something like that?

Once I got over my initial shock (Um, how can you not care?!), I thought about what I could say that would might make her change her mind. How to do it without being preach-y?

I eventually settled on what made the most impact on me personally: traveling in the third world, I was struck by plastic bags that covered the streets. With a waste removal system in the US, we don’t always see our impact, but being confronted with the garbage there, it hit me how permanent the damage is. Those plastic bags don’t just go away, even if we think they do.

What would you have said?

photo: via stockxchng