How To: Make a Butterfly Chair Cover

How To: Make a Butterfly Chair Cover

Janel Laban
Feb 27, 2009

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Title: Relax + Read
Name: Veronica
Time: 1 Day
Cost: $11.82

A vintage butterfly chair found for $1 gets a super new cover. Click above for pics, below for the how-to and be sure to give Veronica a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

Materials and Tools:
Leftover IKEA fabric (home dec weight) from another project
red ticking
flannel fabric recycled from sheet
red piping trim
recycled clementine box
an original vintage butterfly chair
My trusty sewing machine

1. Used the tattered and stained old butterfly chair cover as best you can to make a pattern for your new cover.
2. Cut 3 each of the top portion pattern piece and of the bottom portion pattern piece (one top fabric--IKEA red/white, one middle--flannel, one bottom--red ticking). It's important to note that the bottom fabric should be visually interesting as well as the top because you will always be able to see the back from some view. Also, you can skip the middle flannel layer, but I added it for a little bit of cush and durability.
3. Sew the front top portion to the bottom top portion using flat felled seams for extra strength. Sew the middle and bottom fabric in the same fashion.
4. Baste piping onto to top fabric.
5. Cut 2 pieces of each corner pocket. Sew hems on each piece.
6. Baste corner pockets to bottom fabric.
7. Pin all pieces wrong side together and stitch all the way around leaving an opening to turn.
8. Do another stitch around corner pockets for added strength.
9. Turn right side out and hand stitch the opening close.
10. Place onto your butterfly chair frame and sit in it for a few minutes to stretch the fabric to form.
11. Place in cozy corner. Add a lamp with a foot switch allowing your toddler to turn it on at will. Add that clementine box you've been saving to house aforementioned toddler's favorite books.
12. Let toddler (and trusty friend Giraffe) sit and enjoy!

The vintage butterfly chair was scored at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store for $1. Man, I love that place. Flannel recycled, red & white graphic fabric purchased at IKEA, red ticking at Joanns using their 40% off coupon as well as the piping.

Give Veronica a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

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