How To: Paisley Wall Decor

Title: Paisley Wall Decor
Name: Kaleidoscope Style
Time: 2.5 hours
Cost: $145.

Kaleidoscope Style dressed up a plain wall of their dining room with a fresh paint job and an assortment of paisley wall decals in varied shades of red. It was a remedy that created lots of visual interest in an afternoon. Jump below for all the details:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

wall decals
old credit card

My main Dining Room wall was just so uninteresting and boring that I wanted to update it with something more modern and intricate. I heard about wall decals before, but when I did a search for them on Etsy, I couldn’t believe the wealth of motives and colors that were available. Since I work a lot in paisley in my embroidered felt jewelry, I new exactly what I wanted to do with the wall once I saw these paisley wall decals at stakersensations on Etsy.

First, I selected 12 different paisley wall decals in 2 different shades of red. The decals work best on a clean smooth surface and so I decided to paint the walls first before putting them up. I selected a light yellow and painted the entire wall with a roller brush.

Once the wall color was dried, I attached tape to the backs of the 12 decals and started to position them on the wall. This way I could step back from the wall and see what my layout would look like without having committed to the location for the decals. So I moved them around until I was happy with the layout.

After that, I marked the location of each decal with a thin pencil line so I could find the exact spot for the decal once I took the backing off. I took the first decal off the wall and slowly pealed off the backing from it so that every little detail would stick to the large tape. Then I positioned the decal back in its place on the wall using my pencil lines as guidelines.

After making sure I had placed it in the right location, I smoothed out the paisley on the wall and used an old credit card to rub over the entire paisley with the large tape still attached to it. This will ensure that every part of the decal will stick securely to the wall. After rubbing it like that for a few minutes, I slowly pulled down the tape to reveal the finished decal. I moved on to repeat this procedure with each decal until all of them were done.

And that’s it! A quick and easy project that can make a big impact on the feel and look of any room.

Etsy is a great place to find unique and oh so different decals. In fact, that is where I found my paisley decals. I got them from stakersensations on Etsy, but there are so many more who offer them.

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