How To: Stain Concrete Floors

How To: Stain Concrete Floors

Janel Laban
Feb 19, 2009


Title: Stain Concrete Floors
Name: Tammy
Time: 8 Days
Cost: $670

Glossy stained concrete floors - a big but "doable" diy. Click above for pics, below for the how-to and be sure to give Tammy a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....


Items rented: *grinder - 1 day *wet vac - 2 separate days Items used: *mop *roller to apply sealant (the kind that the sealant won't disintegrate.) *sprayer *stain (kemiko) *floor polish/wax (armstrong excelon floor polish is what we used) *floor brush *painters tape *drop cloths The two large cost items were the stain & sealant ($333) & rentals ($182). The miscellaneous costs (additional $144, went to masks, sprayer, dropcloths, wax, mop, duster, tape, scrubber - the little things add up).


There are several sites online that have good instructions on how to stain your concrete. I mostly followed those found on the kemiko site ( How we did it:

* Set aside one week of our life. The area refinished = 800 sq. feet.

* Day 1 - Moved everything off the carpet. Pulled up carpet & pad. swept, swept, scraped, scrubbed, scrubbed, mopped w/ soapy water.

* Day 2 - Rented a floor grinder. It's big, so access to a truck is good. Ground. It took 2 people 4 hours of grinding and sweeping to do the 800 sq. feet. Dusty. DUSTY!! Use of face mask is a good idea. We also sealed off doorways and vents to other rooms w/ inexpensive paint-tarpy plastic.

* Day 3 - Swept & mopped. Mopped with an excess amount of soapy water. Shop vacced up extra. Let dry. Did again.

* Day 4 - Bought Kemiko's black stain, and concrete sealant. I found local kemiko dealer thro their online site. There are other stains available. I chose kemiko b/c I'd heard about it before.

* Day 5 - Stained floor using hand pump sprayer. Did this twice. The stain guy said one application would be sufficient, but I did it twice (let 1st application set for 4 hours), and the second application did make a significant difference in depth of color on our concrete. Also, we protected bottom foot and a half of walls w/ plastic. Let second stain application set for four hours, neutralized with baking soda and water. mop floor w/ lots of soapy water, using shop vac to suck up extra water (this really seemed to facilitate the drying process) (shop vaccing). Mopped twice.

* Day 6 - Roll on sealant with roller. Wait 8 hours. Apply second coat. Wait 24 hours. I don't know if this wait period is same for all sealants.

* Day 7 - Wax floor. Wax again. Wax again. Wax again. And one more time. Have a husband who's willing to do this. Wow. Floor sure is shiny,and we didn't even buff. Made a much bigger difference than sealant alone. Worth doing if willing to take the time.

* Day 8 - move everything back on to floor. That's it. easy shmeasy. not really. but doable. definitely doable.


Useful how-to resource:

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