How To Safely Clean Your Cellphone

How To Safely Clean Your Cellphone

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 27, 2013

Glance over at your cell phone. How does it look? Dirty? Smudged? Now think about putting that phone up to your face to talk, or touching it with your hands to text. Are you now sufficiently motivated to clean it up? I'll tell you how when you read on.

• Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
• Q-tips
• Microfiber cloth
• Screen protector (optional)

The Method:

1. Turn off your phone and let it cool down.

2. Remove your case.

3. Clean the casing and buttons with a cotton swab and alcohol.
I prefer to use undiluted rubbing alcohol because it evaporates quicker than an water mix. Less liquid means less chance of damage to your phone.

4. Polish your screen with a microfiber cloth.
Never use any liquid on the screen because it could damage the protective coating of your phone.


If you want to give your phone a bigger makeover, treat it to a new protective screen film. Applying one of these can be tricky, but taking your time and using a credit card or flat tool to push out air bubbles will help it adhere perfectly. Here's a more detailed description.

5. Clean your case.
You don't want to put a clean phone back into a dirty case, so use the same method to refresh your case. Make sure to polish the inside to prevent trapping dirt, especially if you have a transparent case like I do.

6. You're done! Reassemble your phone and enjoy.

(Images: Jennifer Hunter)

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