Save 4.6 Gallons of Water a Day Without Even Trying

Save 4.6 Gallons of Water a Day Without Even Trying

Cambria Bold
Oct 8, 2010

Thanks to Francesca from FuoriBorgo who wrote to tell us how she and her family save 17.5 liters (4.6 gallons) of water a day without even trying! Here's what she says:

We've always been careful about not wasting water, by using the water we wash our fruit and vegetables with to water plants, and by catching the excess water in a cooking pot while running it to the right temperature for washing dishes. But what about the water we run before taking a shower?

The saved water goes here!

Francesca from FuoriBorgo continues:

About 3½ liters of water runs out before our shower reaches a comfortable warmth. With five of us showering, that means about 17½ liters of water wasted. That's a lot of wasted tap water.
So, we got a large jug (with a nice spout for easy pouring, which is an important feature since the full jug is pretty heavy). We leave it in our tub, and use it to catch that pre-shower water. Once it's full, it goes here:
We use it to flush the toilet, instead of using the water in the tank. One small step, and with no effort we save up to 17½ liters of water each day. And just as important, doing this little chore works like a reminder to all of us, of the many other small steps towards sustainability that we can take, right now. Rental home or no rental home, it's time for us to start thinking greener.

Thanks, Francesca!

(Images: FuoriBorgo)

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