How To Save a Wood Floor
Maxwell Ryan
Feb 9, 2009

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Title: Saving the Bedroom Floor Project
Name: Heather Ellison/Awful Nice
Time: 6 Days
Cost: $173

We love painted floors and Heather did an even better job than we did! This is a great project. Click above for the pics and head below for all the instructions. Give Heather a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....



Broom, vacuum, pliers, hammer, chisel, wood putty. 2 gallons of low odor, oil-based Kilz primer, 1-six pack of cheap paint rollers, paint tray, 3 disposable liners, two 4-inch paint brushes, paint thinner, plastic containers for thinner, broom handle for paint roller, paint roller. Palm sander and sandpaper disks. 2 gallons of gloss white floor and porch paint, 1 gallon polyurethane (oil based), 1 gallon water-based Varathane polyurethane.


1. Clear room of as much furniture as possible.
2. Pull all remaining staples/nails from when carpet covered floor.
3. Sweep/vacuum.
4. Fill largest gaps/cracks with wood putty.
5. Vacuum again.
6. Roll first coat of primer. (dry time 24 hrs)
7. Roll first coat of white floor paint. (dry time 24 hrs)
8. Roll second coat of white floor paint. (dry time 24 hrs)
9. Make a big mistake and use oil-based polyurethane (yellows floor). (dry time 24 hrs).
10. Sand entire floor lightly with palm sander to abrade polyurethane.
11. Repaint entire floor with white floor paint. (dry time 24 hrs).
12. Roll first coat of water-based Varathane polyurethane. (dry time 3 hrs.)
13. Roll final coat of water-based Varathane polyurethane. (dry time 24 hrs to light use.)


I did look at some of the white floors on Apt. Therapy and took the combination of white floor paint topped with polyurethane from the advice of a poster on Apt. Therapy.

Give Heather a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

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