How to Scan to an iPad Without a Computer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

AirPrint brought us the ability to print from an iPad to most WiFi printers, but what about scanning? Is it possible to scan a document and save it to your iPad without having to use a computer? The answer is yes. Find out how, after the jump.

Apple has touted the iPad as being a post PC device. While it may be able to replace a computer entirely for casual users, for most people it still lacks some basic functions. Apple has made it possible to print wirelessly with AirPrint, but what about scanning documents and pictures? After trying to find a way to do this for my parents (who love their iPad but have no computer in the home), I came up with this solution.

First I needed to find a printer that was also a scanner and AirPrint capable. This how-to is specifically for the HP Envy 100. It’s possible that other All-in-One printers may work (particularly HP brands since the Envy worked so well), but I ended up getting the HP Envy 100 because it was compact, looked good and just so happened to be on sale. All you need from here is an SD card and the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

1. Put an SD card into the memory card slot.

2. Place a photo/document into the scanner and press “scan.” The printer will give you 3 choices on where to save the image: Computer, USB Stick or SD card. Choose SD card.

3. The Envy will show you a preview of the scanned image and if you like it, press “scan” again.

4. Once saved to the SD card, remove the card and insert it into the iPad SD card reader.

5. Insert card reader to the iPad and import.

And that’s it! I was able to scan a picture and import it to the iPad without having to use a computer or iTunes.

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