How To Seal the Sides Of An In-Window AC Unit?

How To Seal the Sides Of An In-Window AC Unit?

Cambria Bold
Apr 29, 2011

Q: I've an in-window AC unit that I've inherited for free from my previous roommate. With the weather warming up, the time when it migrates back to our window is close at hand. Trouble is, the flaps on the side of the unit (that slide out to fill the excess horizontal space when mounted in the window) are...well, pretty much busted. I can't stand running it as-is because I just bleed dollars out the window...

...our ConEd bill is astronomical during the warmer months compared to any other time of the year. I can't afford to buy a new one at the moment. Are there any inexpensive or DIY methods that are effective sealing the sides of this thing?

Asked by Evan

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