How To Share A Bathroom Gracefully

How To Share A Bathroom Gracefully

Laure Joliet
Mar 17, 2010

Whether you have roommates, a significant other or kids, chances are you're having to share your bathroom with someone else. Someone who might not have the same standards you do or someone who seems, at times, to not even realize they need to share the bathroom with you!

And while we all have a certain amount of patience, it can get used up mighty quick when the bathroom is a mess and the roommate couldn't care less. We can't all be lucky enough to have separate bathrooms so chime in with your tips for keeping the peace while sharing a sink! At the end of the day keep in mind that we can't always control the other person, but we can be good bathroommates ourselves.

Communicate. We have been so surprised to ourselves seething with anger over how long a morning shower is taking when we need to get in the bathroom to put on some makeup and get out the door. And yet, we don't say anything until we're tapping our foot mad. Don't make that mistake, talk about when and how you need the bathroom before it becomes an issue.
Schedule. It could be as easy as one takes a shower at night and the other in the morning. If this is your situation, congratulations!
Clean the Drain. Always always clean the drain after a shower.
Change the Roll and Buy More Paper. Enough said.
Schedule Cleaning. If you both chip in and clean the bathroom every saturday then it takes the guess work out of when and how to clean. Even a simple: Hey I'm going to clean up the bathroom, can you give me a hand for 15 minutes? will do.
Head's Up. Give your roommate a heads up if you know you're going to need to leave earlier than usual or if you have a job interview or some other occasion where you might be using the bathroom for longer or at a different time.
Acceptance. If you need the bathroom to be cleaner than your roommie, accept that you will be doing more of the cleaning. Everyone resents a nag and it never got the bathroom any cleaner.
Put Things Away. If everyone has an area for their stuff then it can get put away between uses. Remember to put your things away as a courtesy.
Cut People Slack. Maybe they were in a rush and they left the blowdryer out along with an open tube of toothpaste and their pajamas on the floor. Cut them some slack before blowing up. If it's a regular occurance, have a conversation about it when you're not seething.
Matches, a Candle, Air Freshener. Make sure that one of these is available to keep personal things...personal.



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