How To Sleep Better: 9 Fixes For Common Reasons Why Your Bedroom's Not Working

How To Sleep Better: 9 Fixes For Common Reasons Why Your Bedroom's Not Working

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 7, 2016

You wake up exhausted, unenthusiastic to face the world (and the day). You don't have one bit of excitement about bedtime. It takes you twice as long as it should to get dressed for work and you can never find a thing when you need it. Your bedroom's not working for you! And we have the reasons why — as well as how to fix your bedroom to get better rest!

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1. You have a terrible mattress
Using the same mattress you've had for more than a decade? Or don't really know what sort of mattress firmness works for you and you've just kind of kept buying the same thing you always do? Check out Maxwell's A Year in Bed project from a few years ago. He test-ran a bunch of mattresses and gave very thorough reviews. Though some are priced ridiculously, it'll give you a good, expert-reviewed place to start. Another idea on finding your perfect mattress? Stay the night in some sweet hotels or visit out-of-town friends for a night or two to try out different (guest bedroom) mattresses, inquiring about which ones they are.

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2. You don't have enough softness in the space
Not everyone has to be in a carpeted nest to sleep well, but it's the rare individual that can get truly comfortable in a cold room with sharp surfaces. Find your middle ground by incorporating plenty of rugs, pillows, soft upholstered chairs, curtains and more to create a cocoon of softness.

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3. You don't have the right window coverings
You're probably going to fall in one of two camps: You need super dark curtains to block out street lamp light, or you need lighter fabrics to let morning sunshine in to wake you up. Spend a night or two discovering which one you are and adjust your window coverings accordingly.

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4. You don't have enough personality in your room
This is the last room you see before you go to bed. It's the first room you wake up to. It's the place that's supposed to be your very most personal spot in the whole world. Find meaningful art or display fun art in new ways. Splurge on an item or two that you love — don't just spend money on the rooms that guests see the most!

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5. The color palette's off for what you need
Do you live a high-strung stressful life and need a calming, peaceful place to fall asleep into? Don't slather your walls in crimson red. Or do you sleep like a rock but need something to jolt you awake in the morning? Avoid too-soft and peaceful hues. Decide what you need and make a color palette switch if you need it.

6. You've forgotten about scent
Whether you need something to help you wake up (try citrus or peppermint!) or to fall asleep (lavender's a tried and true favorite) pick up a room spray or candle today. But don't just mask with good smells; make sure you don't have bad smells to begin with by keeping up with laundry (and dirty laundry bins) and cleaning up any pet smells that may have made it to your sleep space.

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7. Your closets and dressers are a mess
This isn't something that's gonna change overnight, but be honest with yourself if these are trouble zones, and take steps to remedy. Your closet looking like it vomited clothes all over your bedroom floor can affect how much you love your bedroom, period. Not to mention to be hard to fall asleep around. Here are 20 ways to organize your closet. And don't forget about your dresser.

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8. You don't clean it often enough
Sniffing and sneezing may be getting in the way of getting a good night's sleep. So make your bedroom an allergen-free zone if you haven't already. But even if you don't have allergies, your bedroom could still use a deep clean, and often. Clean it by tonight.

9. You haven't treated yourself with luxurious bedding
It may not seem like life or death, but finally treat yourself to some luxury bedding and you'll see what a difference it makes in your life (and sleep). Here are some great resources to start.

Was there something you discovered about the design of your bedroom that was getting in the way of you having your best night's sleep? If so, tell us what it was and how you remedied it!

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