How To: Slipcover a Reading Chair Post Followup

How To: Slipcover a Reading Chair Post Followup

Gregory Han
May 29, 2008

ATLA reader "Carsonsmom" was inspired by a past how-to post illustrating how to make your own slipcover for a reading chair and wanted to share her own DIY experience:

I was inspired by the How To: Slipcover a Reading Chair Post and decided to try it on my own. This chair was in my nursery 30 years ago and is now in my son's nursery. It was supposed to be a temporary solution when he was born 3 years ago but my son now loves the chair and won't give it up. It is in perfect condition except for the outdated peach velveteen fabric. I'd been looking for a slip cover for this chair but found that covers for this shape/size aren't readily found and custom slip covers are too expensive. I thought sewing my own slip cover would be too difficult until I read this post.

It should be said that my only experience sewing was Home Ec class in 7th grade and that I sewed this slip cover on the 1975 Singer Model 247 sewing machine that I inherited from my grandmother.

I initially thought that that I'd buy gorgeous upholstery fabric like poster NicoleMari but I quickly realized that I was too inexperienced to work with a heavy weight fabric and didn't want to run the risk of destroying $200 worth of beautiful fabric! Instead, I used an old Ikea duvet cover.

The first night I spent two hours cutting and pinning the fabric. I used the seams of the chair as a guide for where my seams would be and cut the duvet into various pieces. I laid the fabric inside out on the chair and pinned it.

The second night I spent four hours sewing. I removed the pinned fabric from the chair, sewed one seam, then placed the fabric back on the chair (inside out) and adjusted the remaining pinned seams. This process was a little slow but I didn't want to risk sewing the entire slip cover and finding out that it didn't fit.

I spent $1.39 on white thread and didn't have any other project costs.

Although my result isn't nearly as professional and perfect as NicoleMari's - it is quite satisfactory and really a remarkable improvement. I think someone with more patience and more sewing experience could easily have a much better result.

I just thought this might be inspiring to other readers who, like me, have ugly chairs in great condition and limited sewing experience.

Total cost: $1.39
Total time: Approx 6 hours


Thanks for sharing!

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