How to Smartly Store Your Computer Peripherals

How to Smartly Store Your Computer Peripherals

Range Govindan
Sep 14, 2010

It's a given that most people have computer peripherals that need storing. There's always the easy way of stacking them haphazardly around. However, this always ends up looking very messy. Here are our ideas on how to store your computer peripherals.

One of the easiest ways is to come up with a simple storage solution under your desk. You can easily fit a printer as well as a basic shelf down there so that it will hold most of your peripherals. The trick is to avoid creating a cable mess. A system like this would involve running cables up to the desk from behind. If they are nicely organized, the end result will look pretty good.

Another option involves using some closed cabinets that are either part of your desk or something that you'll put underneath it. Rolling cabinets are nice in this situation. You'll have to be careful to provide some ventilation for your external hard drives, as they could overheat. Once that's sorted, you'll need to run the cables through the back.

Usually, if you stack your peripherals together, it can become cluttered quickly. Any number of peripherals means that you'll need a powerstrip, or more than one, which implies a cable mess. Fixing power strips to the back of cabinets, shelves, and desks works well to hide them away and keeps things manageable.

Using rain gutters or other dedicated cable-management systems will keep the clutter at bay. Using bookshelves is also a smart idea.

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