How to Sneak "Me Time" Into the Stuff You Have to Do Around the House

How to Sneak "Me Time" Into the Stuff You Have to Do Around the House

Brittney Morgan
Apr 6, 2017

You have a long to-do list full of things you need to get done around the house— and while keeping up with your responsibilities is important, so is taking time to yourself. Of course, you should absolutely add some devoted "me time" into your schedule, but for those times you need to be productive but also want to pamper yourself or feel like you're doing something for you, these tips can help—it's all about taking small steps and making your chores a little more fun and relaxing.

Listen To Your Favorite Podcast While You Cook

If you don't exactly love to cook, getting yourself into the kitchen may not seem like a drag. You can make cooking or meal-prepping feel less like a chore by catching up on the latest episode of your favorite podcast (or listening to a new audiobook) while you're in the kitchen. It'll be entertaining enough that you'll have a distraction while you're chopping and sautéing, but not such a distraction that you'll forget a key part of the recipe. Plus, you won't have to try to catch up on your podcasts later (when it feels like you won't ever have time).

Exercise in Between Loads of Laundry

Sure, you could just take care of more household to-dos in the 30 minutes between the wash and dry cycles, but it's also just enough time to get in a quick workout. Try doing some yoga or Pilates at home, or if you have weights or resistance bands at home, doing a short workout with those—whatever you're comfortable with and works for you. And if exercising isn't your idea of "me time" or you prefer to go to the gym to work out, try using that time to do something relaxing, like meditating or reading. The point is to use that time break to focus on yourself.

Don a Face Mask While You Fold

If your skin is in need of a little TLC, the time you'll spend folding all that laundry you've just finished is perfect for doing a face mask (or more—you can multimask while you multitask!). Put your favorite mask on before you get started, and by the time you're done folding, it'll be time to wash it off. You'll have clean, organized laundry and happier skin, and it'll add just a touch of luxury to an otherwise boring task. Pro-tip: Avoid using a sheet mask—it'll be less fun if your mask peels off while you're struggling to fold that fitted sheet.

Burn Candles and Play Music While You Clean

This works no matter what vibe you're trying to achieve—whether you're in need of a happy solo dance party or some calm, more spa-like relaxation time. While you handle any general cleaning tasks (think mopping, dusting, doing dishes, etc.) light candles for some atmosphere—or at least for the great scents—and put on a playlist you love. You can turn your cleaning into a dance-a-thon in your apartment with tons of upbeat tunes, or play something softer and smoother to feel like you're winding down. The right playlist can make even the worst chores better.

Call a Loved One While You Organize

Sometimes the best "me time" isn't alone time, but rather time spent catching up with friends and family. So if reorganizing is on your to-do list, it's the perfect time to call up your mom or your best friend and chat for a bit, since it mostly just requires you to go through things, sort them and put them away. Figure out your plan for where everything's going to go first so you're not too distracted, but otherwise pop in your earbuds or put the phone on speaker and indulge in some much-needed bonding time while you GSD.

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