How To Start a Fire (& Other Helpful Tips)

How To Start a Fire (& Other Helpful Tips)

Nancy Mitchell
Jun 6, 2013

Have you ever tried to start a fire? It is not easy. But even if you're no boy scout, the tips in the video below will have you making cozy campfires in no time. Plus even more handy-dandy solutions from our archives: how to oil a butcher block, how to remove pesky candle wax from jars, and a great solution for washing your jeans without fading them.

First up, as promised: a super-easy tip for starting a fire. This one comes to us from Allie: it's a little trick he learned from the girls at Domino magazine. All you need is matches and a little bit of newspaper: no lighter fluid required.

Maybe you're like me, and you love buying candles in pretty containers. But once you've burned down the candle, how do you get the remaining wax out so you can re-use the jar? Ian from Cafe 'Ino has a great solution.

Sometimes wooden butcher blocks (and cutting boards!) need a little love. In this video, Maxwell shows the best way to oil your butcher blocks and cutting boards to keep them beautiful and prevent cracking. (This also works on wooden countertops, too.)

And finally: Maxwell shares his strategy for cleaning your jeans without fading them (although he admits that you may get a little pushback from your housemates when they discover that the freezer is full of pants).

(Images: Top Left: Adir & Marcello's Worldly Retreat, all others as linked above)

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