How to Stay Motivated Around the House: 6 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals

How to Stay Motivated Around the House: 6 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 27, 2014

Are you struggling with staying motivated about something around your house? Perhaps it's sticking to a cleaning schedule. Maybe it's keeping things organized. It could even be finding the energy to make that decor change or tackle that DIY project that you've been wanting to do. How do you find your motivation if you've lost it? How do you spark it if it was never there to begin with? Consider these six ideas.

1. Focus on what you really want — and why
What is it you're trying to accomplish? Get very, very clear about exactly what it is you want to do. But then consider why you want to do it. If it's maintain a cleaner house, think about how that's because a cleaner house is healthier to live in. If it's to finally tackle a renovation, remind yourself that it's because those are changes that will help your life run smoother.

2. Clear out distractions
Be truthful about what the unhealthy distractions are contributing to you not achieving your home goals. Is it vegging out in front of the TV after work? Getting pulled into Pinterest when you should be mopping? Get strict about putting reasonable limitations on the things in your home that are distracting you from the things you really want to be accomplishing.

3. Break it down and organize
After identifying the goals you want to accomplish, why you want to do them and what distractions might be getting in the way, make a specific, mapped out plan. Write down each element to your goal and what you need to do to accomplish it (get detailed).

4. Start small / don't do it all at once
Take your list and tackle it one thing at a time. Some folks after getting to this point feel so revved up they try to tackle it all at once. But that's a sure-fire way to burn out.

5. Ask for help if you need
For many, it's not a distraction that's getting in the way of not accomplishing things, it's fear or ignorance on where to start. So if you need help, ask for it! Look online for the answers to whatever home project dilemma is plaguing you. Ask a trusted friend if they will wade in with you.

6. Tell everyone about it
Be accountable for the goals you're setting. State a goal on Facebook. Write your reasons for wanting to accomplish it on the message board in your entryway.

7. Reward, not punish
Perhaps the most important element on this list. Be KIND to yourself. Be understanding when you fall back into old habits. Don't punish yourself if you get distracted or miss a milestone task, but reward yourself (any way that you'd like) when you do get back on track to accomplishing your home goals.

How do you get yourself motivated to tackle goals and tasks around the house? What tips or tricks have you discovered? Share in the comments below!
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