How To Stream From Your iPad to Your iMac

How To Stream From Your iPad to Your iMac

Anthony Nguyen
May 9, 2011

If you haven't heard, TV's are starting to feel the effects of everyone switching over to watching shows and movies on their mobile devices. So, instead of having AirPlay feed everything into your TV, why not adapt with the trending changes and allow the ability to stream stuff to your iMac (the next largest screen in the house), straight from the iPad?

You can do this via AirServer ($3), a Mac app that basically transforms your computer into a compatibile receiver for AirPlay (from your iPhone or iPad). Usually, you would need an AppleTV plugged into a TV or the Airport Express in order to pull this off, but for a couple of bucks, your iOS device can now stream to yet another device around the house, the way we feel Apple should've implemented it to begin with.

Alternatively, Erica Sadun has built a free version called AirPlayer that makes an attempt at the same exact functionality with none of the cost. We'd probably recommend giving her version a go before dropping $3 for AirServer.

If you give any of these apps a go, let us know about your experience below!

(Images: Yaser Alhamyari)

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