How to Support Your Local Economy with Tech Spending

How to Support Your Local Economy with Tech Spending

Elizabeth Giorgi
Jun 28, 2012

Are you focused on shopping local? Do you go out of your way to avoid big box chains to shop at your neighborhood boutiques? Like you, many Americans are working hard to spend their money locally, and with a little information you can do the same with tech purchases...

While it may seem difficult to spread your tech spending out across your local businesses, there are some simple ways to buy and support locally made tech products and services.

For starters, large tech purchases like HDTV's and home appliances often need to be installed. If you don't feel comfortable going the DIY route, consider seeking out a local electronics installation company. Many independent electricians will install a large flat screen television for anywhere between $79 to $299, depending on where you live. Check your Yellow Pages and ask friends for their recommendations, because word-of-mouth is critical for small businesses. Or use an online resource like

If you've dropped your phone onto the pavement before you know screen repair can be tricky and expensive. Instead of replacing it, seek out a local repair shop. With the proliferation of touch screen phones, little shops are popping up across the country that focus on these types of repairs. In addition, many of these shops will also repair gaming consoles, television, tablets and eReaders. Whether it's a burnt out laser in an XBOX 360 or a cracked iPhone screen, many local shops can make these repairs for $75 or less.

There's a lot of purchasing power in accessories too. Seek out the advice of your local boutique owners when shopping for tips on products that were made by artisans in your area. You might be surprised to find a bounty of options.

For example, Byrd & Belle, a Minneapolis-based shop sells the most beautiful MacBook, iPhone and tablet cases. As always, Etsy can be a great resource for sourcing local retailers or designers.

Do you shop locally for tech products and services? What tips do you give your friends and family who want to shop local?

(Images: Byrd and Belle, William Hook via Flickr's Creative Commons)

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